FABLOU - The Story



I’m Justina and I love handbags. In the summer 2014 I came up with this crazy idea to create a fashion silicone bag, something that had never been done before.

Everyone thought I’ve lost it, but I had a dream…

Silicone is an amazing material - soft, silky, durable, non-toxic and cruelty-free. Bags were meant to be simple, stylish, practical and exciting, perfect for everyday use. This is how the City tote was born - the first baby of FABLOU. A simple bag proved to be very difficult to make, a little piece of engineering, but made it happen. The brand was launched with just one line - City, available in 6 colours. First batch of 1000 FABLOU bags was manufactured using my savings.

On the 5th of June 2015 we opened a stall in Spitalfields market in the heart of London City. From day one people loved the bags - the look, feel, colours. They would touch them, squeeze them, smell them and they would always smile… I can honestly say, FABLOU has the most amazing, loyal customers and in today’s world it’s a rare find. Most of these amazing women who own a FABLOU bag say it’s their favourite bag, a lot of them have large collections, they send us pictures from their hols and share funny stories, priceless.

Our customers and my big dream helped me weather all the storms and ouch, there were plenty! Fast-forward to today, FABLOU is one of the fastest growing UK handbag brands, selling globally with a very unique DNA that can not be copied. We are no longer in Spitalfields but I’m very grateful to every single customer who supported us in the early stages and everyone supporting us today.

Oh, many of you asked if FABLOU means anything, yes, in my world it stands for fabulous adventure of a lifetime :).

Thank you for stopping by,

Justina, Founder



*Here at FABLOU we appreciate life, therefore all our products are ethically made in China using only cruelty-free & vegan friendly materials. Pre Covid I used to visit our suppliers every 3-4 months, we’ve grown to be very good friends and I can’t wait to visit again.